Freddo Espresso 2,50€
Freddo Cappuccino 3,00€
Latte 3,50€
Frape 2,50€
Frape With Ice Cream 4,50€
Cold chocolate 3,50€


Espresso 2,00€
Double Espresso 2,50€
Espresso Macchiato 2.00€
Americano 3,00€
Cappuccino 3,00€
Double Cappuccino 3,50€
Latte 3,50€
Filter Coffe 3.00€
Nes Café 2,50€
Irish Coffee 5,00€
Greek Coffee 2,00€
Double Greek Coffee 2,50€
Hot tea 2,00€
Hot chocolate 3,50€


Fresh Orange Juice 4,00€
Fresh Mix Season Fruit 4,50€
Soft drinks 2,00€
Energy Drink 3,00€
Sparkling Water 2,00€
Water 500ml 0,50€


Alfa 3.00€
Heineken 3.00€
Mythos 3.00€
Mythos 0.0% ALC 3.00€
Amstel 3.00€
Becks 3.00€
Corona 4.00€
Septem Monday 4.00€
Septem Thursday 4.00€
Septem Friday 4.00€
Septem Sunday 5.00€
Peroni draught 330ml 4.00€
Peroni draught 500ml 5.00€
Stella Artois draught 330 3.50€
Stella Artois draught 500 4.50€


Milokleftis 4.00€
Kopparberg strawberry & lime 4.50€
Kopparberg mixed fruit 4.50€
Strongbow apple 4.00€
Strongbow red berries 4.00€


This years menu upgrade comes with a surprise. We didn’t have it in us to let go of the cocktails you have all come to love over the past years, so our cocktail menu this year has two categories. The All Time Favorite La Piazza Picks and the New Age La Piazza Signature Picks. Have one of your favorite La Piazza cocktails or try out one of our new additions, the choice is yours.

New Age La Piazza
Signature Picks

Smokey Bandit 

We bring tequila and mezcal together to create a sweet, sour and smokey masterpiece. We add lime juice, agave nectar, cardamom bitters and rim the glass with black salt and sesame seeds. 9,50

Mojito Spritz

We squeeze half a fresh lime, add a couple spoons of sugar for balance and fresh cucumber and mint leaves floating around in your glass. Its mixed together with light rum and dry white wine, then topped off with premium elder flower tonic. 8,00


Tiki style cocktail is inspired by Mediterranean tastes. At its core we have Metaxa 5* and masticha, we add bergamont liqueur, mandarin puree, grapefruit bitters and cinnamon syrup. Enjoy the Aegean! 9,50

The Big Fella

A tribute to Al Capone and his favorite cocktail called the South Side. Ours presents a perfect and refreshing balance of London Dry Gin, botanicals, melon liqueur and mint flavors. Its sweet and sour complexity will make you feel like you are on top of the world. 8,00


Rum punch has been at the heart of tiki culture since the 30s. the rule is, Sour and sweet, strong and weak, and a little spice to make it nice. Made with three different types of aged rum, Guava and coconut puree, lime juice, spiced syrup and chocolate bitters. 9,50


In the old days people here in Chalki had limited resources to the outside world, so they used natural remedies to feel better. Something like this cocktail, made with NOS (No Ordinary Spirit), lemon juice, chamomile, honey and pink grapefruit. Experience the village life. 8,00


A classic made to fit the La Piazza standards and an upgrade from our last menu. It’s a floral and fresh choice for your evening out. Freshly muddled cucumber, London Dry Gin, lime juice mint and notes of violet. 8,00

Bloody Maraki

As you have noticed, we love playing around with the classics. This is the greek version of the bloody mary. We infused our greek tsipouro with sage, added premium tomato juice and our home made spicy and savory Maraki sauce. Whether you are having your late breakfast here with us, or just enjoy an exceptionaly made greekstly bloody mary, we have you covered. 8,00

Caipirinha La Piazza

Our way is better!!! Freshly squeezed lime and and freshly muddled pineapple. We add a couple of spoons of sugar, fresh basil leaves and some Brazilian Cachaca. Served on crushed ice with chunks of pineapple in your glass just in case your in need of a refreshing snack while you sip on your cocktail. 8,00

Berry Sazzy

A fruitier and smoother version of the Sazerac. A blend of Metaxa 12* Greek spirit and scotch whiskey, a touch of crème de mure , cranberry bitters and simple syrup to round it out. We wash the glass with our home made rose and cinnamon perfume. Perfect for a night cap. Enjoy. 9,50

All Time Favorite
La Piazza Picks

Strawberry Rum-Masticha

Another frozen delight. Light rum and masticha liqueur make an appearance with fresh strawberries and lime juice 7,00

Caramel Passion

Jameson Irish Whiskey pairs perfectly with aromas of caramel and the fruity acidity of the oh so passionate passion fruit 7,00

Summer Cooler

Refreshing and delightful… Fresh watermelon muddled with strawberry puree, shaken with London dry Gin, lime juice and vanilla syrup. 7,00

Sweet Sensation

The sweetness of mangos and caramel, pairing with amaretto and berry liqueur, with a touch of lime to balance it out. 7,00

Mai Tai

A mixture of both light and aged rum, almond syrup, orange liqueur and lime juice. Its been around since the 30s, it must be good. 7,00

Bourbon Sour

Going way back with this one. Bourbon American whiskey shaken to perfection with lime juice, sugar and aromatic bitters. 7,00

Non Alcoholic La Piazza Sparklers

For those of you that need something cool, tasty and refreshing for any time of the day or night. We make our own sweet and sour base with lime puree, ginger and mint syrup, then top it off with your choice of soda or tonic water. You can even add one of our fruit purees like passion fruit, mango, strawberry or pineapple, just ask our staff for your options if you are
in a fruity mood. 5,00



Lagavulin 16 y.o. 14.00€
Kilchoman Machir Bay 11.00€
Glen Moray Chardonnay finish 10.00€
Chivas Regal 12 y.o. 6.00€
Yamazakura 11.00€
Teeling 10.00€
Sazerac 12.00€
Makers Mark 10.00€


Botanist 9.00€
G-Vine Floraison 9.00€
Hendricks 9.00€
Citadelle 8.00€
Etsu 8.00€
Beefeater 24 8.00€
Plymouth 8.00€
Monkey 47 13.00€
Grace 8.00€
135 East 8.00€
Tanqueray No.10 8.00€
Edinburgh 7.00€


Stolichnaya Elit 12.00
Stolichnaya Gold 8.00€
Ciroc 9.00€
Grey Goose 9.00€
Crystal Head 11.00€
Titos 9.00€
Belvedere 9.00€


Ocho 12.00
Don Julio 10.00
Don Julio 11.00
Patron 12.00
Patron 13.00
Mezcal Amores 10.00


Mount Gay XO 12.00€
Plantation XO 12.00€
Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple 10.00€
Chairmans Reserve Spiced 8.00€
Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva 9.00€
Diplomatico Mantuano 8.00€
Botran 8 y.o. 8.00€
Zacapa 23 11.00€
Havana 7 y.o. 9.00€
Don Papa Small Batch 9.00€
Goslings Black Seal 8.00€
Kraken Black Spiced 8.00€


Armonia Gis white 4.00€
Armonia Gis red 4.00€
Paragka Kir Gianni white 5.00€
Paragka Kir Gianni red 5.00€
Prosecco glass 4.00€


Metaxa 12 star 9.00€
Metaxa Private Reserve 12.00€
Remy Martin VSOP 11.00€


Fever Tree Indian Tonic 4.00€
Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic 4.00€
Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic 4.00€
Fever Tree Ginger Beer 4.00€
Oz Pink Grapefruit Soda 4.00€
Oz Yuzu Cucumber Soda 4.00€


Moet Brut 120€
Moet Ice 140€